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You’re safe at all time with our equipment and EBike Accessories

Our rental services include a variety of all-terrain fat tire eBikes, 3-wheel eScooters, water equipment such as Regular SUP 9ft to 18ft long and SUP bikes.

Many Rides From EBikes And More!

We can put you on an eBike, eScooter, SUP and more. We can fit you with the perfect ride because we carry all sizes and types of land and water equipment.

EBike Riding And SUP Accessories

Many sport and riding accessories are available to make your eBike, Scooter or SUP ride an enjoyable one. You got all the time in the world? Rent for an entire day and explore!

Rental Insurance

Don't worry about accidents while riding our eBikes and other equipment. Our insurance options can cover accidental damage to the equipment.

Best EBike And SUP Equipment In Town

Comfort. Safety. Excitement. Our awesome eBike, eScooter and SUP rides are guaranteed to give you that WOW experience!

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Paddleboard bike


BIG Stand-up Paddleboard


11ft Stand-up Paddleboards


10ft Stand-up Paddleboards


9ft Stand-up Paddleboards


Fat-Tire E-Scooter


Top rated by our customers

What an experience! The best fun I ever had in Atlantic Canada

Julian Galloway

The state of the art equipment made it an eventful holiday. I had a blast

Philip Mahoney

Simply amazing! Great Team, Great Equipment and Great Service. You have to experience this to understand how I feel

Jennifer Driscoll

It was an amazing experience! Five starts for the Eastcoast Rec Rides team

Jaime Rosenberg

Frequently asked questions

Our equipment offers sustainable operations by minimizing emissions and pollution. It improves efficiency, reduces costs, and prioritizes safety. With cutting-edge technology and comprehensive support, our equipment is reliable, durable, and customizable to meet your specific needs.

Minimum rider age of 16 years if accompanied by an adult and 19 years of age as an individual rider. Riders age 19 or over do not require a driver’s licence to operate an electric bike but must show valid picture ID and proof of age (driver’s license, ID card, passport, etc.) at the departure point. *Provide a credit card for a temporary hold (a pre-authorization). The pre-authorization amount ranges from $0 to $500CAD depending on equipment rented. *Read and sign all the rental documents, including our waiver release.

An electric bike, or E-bike, is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor to assist you when you’re pedaling. The motor will get its power from a rechargeable battery mounted on the bike.

A E-Skateboard scooter is similar to a motorized two wheeled E-scooter. The difference is the E-Skateboard scooter has 3 wheels offers more balance, Innovative lean to steer design and great way to go around town having fun.

Incredibly stable, fly on water experience using leg power to pedal with steering controls at your fingertips.

We have limited Life jackets and Helmets (Depending on demand we might not have all accessories on hand so it’s up to renter to ensure they provide their own helmet or life jacket)

You are responsible for ensuring that you have adequate coverage through your own accident and liability insurance. We are not responsible under any circumstance for accidents or damages caused by you or any third party.

You are responsible for any loss (including theft) or damage to the rentals or any parts of the rental. *If any of the equipment is stolen you must inform ECRR as soon as possible. *If you are making an insurance claim to pay for the stolen bike, you must also report the theft to the police. *The rental documents that you will sign before departure explain your responsibility in detail.

ECRR will cover following amounts by opting in the damage insurance:

  • Up to $150 deductible for 3 wheel scooters
  • Up to $250 deducstible for fat tire escooter or ebikes
  • Up to $100 for all water equipment

Late returns will be charged at $25 / hour per equipment.